DSC_1433-2I am a follower of Jesus. I am married to Elizabeth, whom I’ve loved since I first saw her at a summer camp in Northern Michigan in 2001. We married in 2005 and have three sons; Kyle, Oliver and Leland. They are our source of joy and adventure.

I am a fourth generation pastor. The Pierpont family started in Ohio so naturally we are Buckeyes, but my heart belongs to our beloved Mitten State.

I love being a husband and dad. I am far from perfect. I want to serve my family well and be remembered as a man who loved God, loved his wife and children well and loved the world around him.

In December of 2015 I had an idea. I wanted to do something that would make me be intentional about parenting the three sons God has given to me and my wife. The idea became the #PIERPONTproject , an Instagram account where I would post a video a day on something I wanted my sons to know. I wanted to be intentional in training my sons to be well-rounded men who live life well. I also wanted to be intentional in training them how to be men in a world where that could be confusing at times. So, I decided to use Instagram to post a video each day in 2016. You can check it out on Instagram at @PIERPONTproject.

My hope is that this site is an inspiration to you as a mom, dad, single-parent, blended-family or whatever your situation may be. I love to meet new people so please say hi!


You can get to know me a little more by reading some of the things that I love below.

Jesus, coffee, my wife, my three sons K2, Ollie and Leland, photography, backpacking, canoeing, fixed-gear bikes, fly-fishing, snowboarding, body surfing, skim-boarding, beach-combing, cliff-jumping, reading, assurance of salvation, push ups, crunches, trail running, wrestling with my sons, hibernation days with my family, kayak surfing in the Atlantic, my Creator, cuddling on the couch with my wife, ohio state football, graph paper, the gospel, micro uni-ball pens, sunday night football, my macbook, playing my parkwood guitar, Jesus’ stories, ping-pong, tennis with my wife, driving through the night, storytelling, days off, catching pan-fish with my sons off the dock of my in-laws cottage in northern Michigan, the corner store, coffee via the pour-over method, american pickers, roasting coffee, a sweatshirt on a cool autumn day, an occasional herbal tea, Lake Michigan, just a little sun burn, campfires, listening to my sons laugh, dates with my girlfriend, roller-coasters, northwest Michigan, flannel shirts, autumn, the feeling of a fish on, the common loon, eagles, trails in the woods, fruit and vegetable juice, a fresh jonathan apple from the tree, Christmas music on the day after Thanksgiving, the speckled back of a trout, the call of a wild turkey, rainy days, saturday mornings, hunting for the perfect Christmas tree, occasional big breakfasts, autumn… (and the list continues to grow)