One year ago today I decided to start a project for my sons. A new year, 2016, was approaching and I wanted to be a better dad. I wanted to be an intentional dad. I had an awareness that my sons were growing up quickly. I imagined the day I dropped them off at college and my regret over not being more intentional about training them how to be the man God called them to be. Those thoughts turned into the idea that I would post a video a day in 2016 on a topic I wanted my sons to know. I went public with the idea to help keep me accountable.

Now, here we are! It’s New Year’s Eve and I will post my last video to this account.
The project accomplished what I was hoping it would. We have had many conversations over the ‘topic of the day’ as a family. It has made me think daily about something I want my sons to know.

But, I feel the real “project” has just started. Being a good parent is a life long responsibility. I commit to doing it well with the help of Jesus. Next to marriage I believe parenting is the most important opportunity in the world!

I have two new goals for 2017:

  1. Turn the #PIERPONTproject into a book. 365 Things Every Boy Should Know (Girls Too). 
  2. Use this blog as a place to weekly inspire others to parent well.

I will post videos, share good stuff I find, write articles and I will make the book available when it is finished.

If it encourages you share it with others and let me know!


  1. Of course, I will watch and read with great interest. Many of the videos left me saying; “I remember teaching him that.” Most I said; “I remember my Dad teaching me that.” Some; “I remember my grandpa teaching me that.” Some were; “Wow. That is good to know. I didn’t know that.” (Charcoal chimney–love mine).

    Love you. Can’t wait to read and buy the book. You should speak about this subject.

  2. Thanks Dad! I am so very thankful for you and for how you did this for me as a kid. I love you!

  3. Holly Milks says:

    This is so awesome! What a great gift you’ve given your boys, Kyle, and so awesome that you’re sharing it with all of us! I eagerly checked in our your posts this past year.

  4. Holly, thanks so much for following along!